Weekly Contests on Telegram

Join our weekly contests on RealBig Telegram and win $100 in RealB!

Every week we run a Guess and Win game on our Telegram Group. Each week game has one lucky winner who will receive $100 in RealB. The game starts on each Wed 12 PM UTC and is ended on Friday at 12 PM UTC. We announce the lucky winner in our TG on Tuesdays around 3-5 PM UTC. Join our TG now.

Contest Rules

Pls make sure to follow the below rules while participating in our weekly TG Contests.

  1. Submit our contest form only 1 time with your accurate info like email and TG username.

  2. The weekly contest starts on Wed 12 PM UTC and ends on Friday at 12 PM UTC.

  3. Currently, we do not offer referral program, so by referring our contests, you will not get extra entries or credits for increasing your chance of winning.

  4. We may contact the contest winner by email, so if you supply fake or invalid email, you may forfeit your right to a $100 reward if you win the contest.

  5. We announce the lucky winner in our TG on Tuesdays around 3-5 PM UTC. So be patient and do not DM us.

  6. We may check the TG username of the winner in our TG group and channel before transferring our RealB token to their wallet. If we do not see you in our community, you will forfeit your right to a $100 reward even if you win the contest.

  7. We have zero tolerance for invalid activities like bots or using multiple IP addresses or emails. All such users will be banned from our TG and contests.

As a reminder, we only share contest links on a weekly basis in our below official TG group and channel, so make sure to check our TG frequently to get the correct link and latest updates.



How a Guess and Win Contest Works

Each contest presents you with one question which has multiple choices. You just need to make a guess by selecting a choice. Each choice has an equal chance of winning. After submitting your entry, we record your entry and add you to our contest participant list. Our multiple-choice contest question come in one of the following formats:

  • Two choices like A and B

  • Three choices like A, B, and C

  • Four choices like A, B, C and D

  • Five choices like A, B, C, D, and E

How the Contest Winner Selection Works

In drawing one weekly lucky winner, we follow below two steps:

A- We randomly select one choice as winner

B- We randomly find one person who has selected the correct choice as the winner.

How to Enter a Contest

Every week we create a new contest and share its link via our TG group and channel.

To learn more, read our below blog post