Attend our Current Airdrop

To celebrate the upcoming ICO of RealBig, we are proud and happy to announce the launch of our MASSIVE airdrop campaign

WWe are offering a very generous Airdrop program in two ways: competitions and rewards. In total, we have budgeted a massive giveaway via our Airdop program for our RealB token and RealBig platform launch. Join our TG channel (@gorealbig) and TG group (@myrealb) to get the latest on our Airdrop events.

Our Airdrop is a giveaway via our website and our partner IEO exchanges only. To avoid any scam sites or misinformation, always use this website and our official social media sites as the only source of information.

Actions for Competition Entry

The following actions can be taken to participate in our Airdrop:

  1. Follow our twitter account and retweet the latest tweet:
  2. Follow us on FB:
  3. Follow us on IG:
  4. Follow us on LI and share our latest feed:
  5. Join our Telegram account- Channel:
  6. Join our Telegram account- Group
  7. Join our Discord account
  8. Join our YouTube Channel
  9. Like and share our latest blog post on Medium
  10. Join your mailing list
  11. Referral: promote the giveaway/Airdrop on all your existing social media channels

As our community grows, we will add more to the above list.

Global Airdrops for Non-English Communities

We are planning to offer the Airdrop program to non-English speaking communities. We will have an Airdrop specifically for regions speaking in Russian, Spanish, French, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese and more. Subscribe to our Telegram for the latest Airdrop news.

Terms and Conditions

Here are key the terms and conditions that apply to our Airdrop events.

  • For one entry to a Airdrop competition, you need to provide us with an ERC20 wallet address to receive our Airdrop

  • Unless specifically mentioned otherwise in an event, we have no KYC requirement for our Airdrop entries.

  • Timing:

  • Processing and Awarding Length : After the Airdrop event end date, we process and draw winners in two weeks, followed by awarding the winners in three weeks.

  • Early Event Termination : we reserve the right to close an event as early as the total entries are equal to four times of total awarded lottery winners.

  • Event Extension : we reserve the right to extend each Airdrop event due to low entry; thus, we need a minimum entry of two times of total awarded lottery winners for closing an event and starting the drawing.

  • Our awarded tokens would be available for trading in our designated exchanges as early as our Initial Exchange Offering events are ended. Thus, the winners must wait for a few months before they can trade or sell their tokens.

  • All awarded tokens go only to the chosen winners and we will not exchange, trade or transfer awarded tokens with another person or entity.

  • We have zero tolerance for bots and automated agents.

  • If an attendant takes any action, which in our best judgment deems a violation of our terms of service including but not limited applying via multiple accounts (all of which belongs to the same user), or submitting fake info like email address, etc, we shall remove the attendants from our competition entry and may block him/her from our future entries.

Aforementioned list of terms and conditions are NOT exclusive and may be altered at our sole discretion, with or without prior notice.

For referral and affiliate inquiries, contact us via email or TG